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  • Gidoran
    Gidoran commented on the comic, Justice League Odyssey #7
    Justice League Odyssey #7
    When I read that Abnett was going to be writing it, I figured I’d give it a try, so this is good to hear. Looking forward to trying this book out.
  • Gidoran

    The new series of updates killed all of my comic information, so I've been rebuilding it on my laptop with plans to sync my phone. I sync up and I get only the most barest of information. Anyone else having this issue? My iPhone just updated today, so I'm caught up on everything.

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    • Xploited

      I don't follow as to why you'd need to rebuild your collection. It should always exist here fine.

      As for the syncing issue - there's an iOS update pending review (3 days in - Apple is slow). Once you have that post-approval, just click "Completely Reset Data" and you'll be good to go.

  • Gidoran
    Gidoran commented on the comic, Generation X #1
    Generation X #1
    I actually didn't have much problem with the art. It has an indie book vibe to me, which I think is meant to harken back to that 90s "generation x" feel. The story is pretty by the numbers - nothing new here yet. It has potential, but right now it's nothing impressive.
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