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  • Ghus
    Ghus commented on the comic, Mirror #1
    Mirror #1

    This was really good. It was originally supposed to be a 4-issue arc within the 8house series but is now an ongoing series at Image, still set in the 8house universe. If I understand correctly, the 8house series itself was selling so poorly that it was put on hiatus. I thought the first issue of 8house was pretty promising but never got around to reading the rest. Any one else reading Mirror, 8house,...

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    • TwentyPilots

      Just checking you haven't exploded yet before I read this? 

  • Ghus
    Ghus commented on the comic, Doom Patrol / JLA Special #1
    Doom Patrol / JLA Special #1

    What a waste. Some of it was OK but it didn't add up to much of anything.

  • Ghus

    I added a new series, and it was approved 3 days ago. However, it still doesn't show up in search, which, if I recall correctly, is because it doesn't have any issues. So how do I add the individual issues if I can't navigate to the series?

    Secondly, I think this has been addressed before, but there is no FAQ for contributors, as far as I can tell. Perhaps one of the more senior contributors could draw up a FAQ or guide? Surely it would save time over having moderators reject contributions and guide other contributors toward the correct way of doing things individually. I know I have made a fair number of contributions that were rejected for reasons of my own ignorance... 

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    • SwiftMann
      On the site, type the series into search, but don't click enter. If it's not too generic a title, it will come up as clickable on the right side column of the  "blue" results screen.
  • undeadquinn
    undeadquinn » Ghus

    is this one your talk about? https://leagueofcomicgeeks.com/comics/series/135597/miss-better-living-through-crime

  • Ghus
    Ghus commented on the comic, The Gravediggers Union #1
    The Gravediggers Union #1

    The art on this one is tip top! The story is kind of generic--could turn out great or could turn out mediocre but the art is fantastic.

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