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  • gferg1991

     I have gone overboard buying and getting trades in preparation for quarantine and lockdowns. Bought my first ever omnibus for my birthday, American Vampire. Silver Surfer Black Treasury Edtion, History of the Marvel Universe Treasury Edition, Oz the Complete Collection with art by Skottie Young, Avengers vs X-Men trade, Conan the Barbarian the death of Conan by Jason Aaron vol 2, and I just ordered the Batman Universe by Bendis and Derington hardcover I should get it Thursday. 

    So yeah I got plenty to read LoL

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    • Taren

      Awesome. Enjoy. 

  • gferg1991
    gferg1991 commented on the comic, Giant-Size X-Men: Jean Grey and Emma Frost #1
    Giant-Size X-Men: Jean Grey and Emma Frost #1

    Might just be the best looking Dawn of X book out right now. That being said I can't help but feel a little cheated. The fact that it's a silent issue for seemingly no reason and it takes a whole 2 mins to "read" makes the $5 price extremely tough to swallow. I don't  know why they thought that was a good idea. I heard it homages a Grant Morrison X-Men book which I never read so maybe if I...

    • CarnuSaga

      Oh, you've gotta read New X-Men! The silent issue might be my favorite in the whole series.

  • gferg1991
    gferg1991 commented on the comic, Wolverine #1
    Wolverine #1

    Guys! This book was INCREDIBLE! The first story was pretty good and had a great mystery that will unravel and I'm looking forward to that. But the second story oh man! It is setting up some really cool things and a villain I did NOT see coming and did not expect but I am so hyped to see him again! It's so brilliant and I cant wait to see the fall out from it. A truly shocking and wow moment I wasnt...

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    • razordoll

      Cool, thanks for the confirmation. I am really digging what Percy has been doing with X-Force and Wolverine.

  • Young Avengers by Gillen & McKelvie: The Complete Collection TP

    YES! I am so thrilled this series is getting the Complete Collection treatment. This series along with Uncanncy Avengers were my first Marvel series I was collecting when I was getting into comics. This series is amazing and I love it to death. Even though I have the floppies I need to double dip for this. I was hoping for something like this and now that its here I couldn't be happier! 

  • gferg1991

    I don't mean to constantly harp on the technical problems about this site but it seems to be infecting the app now as well. The app seems to be even worse. It is not synched properly as it the number of my collection is way off and has the wrong books in my pull. When I can actually access it that is. The site and app used to run pretty smoothly most of the time but lately it is not even worth having. I am sorry to say that if it does not get fixed soon I will be forced to find something else. Something I would have to pay for too and that is something I don't want to have to do. The lack of apology and explanation from whoever runs the site is also pretty unacceptable as well. I am hoping it'll be fixed but I am expecting and preparing for it not to be.  

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    • HuntMac

      Do a "complete resync" in your app to update your numbers on everything. That's always been the case for the app, though. I started to panic when I saw random issues missing years ago, but all you have to do is a "complete resync" to link back up with the correct data on the servers (and it mostly stays to that recent "back up" for your app).

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