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  • geopet
    geopet commented on the comic, Unearth #6
    Unearth #6
    This series keeps me coming back. It is a pretty solid body horror book, but the creep vibe goes beyond just that. I like how the last story arc ended and how this new one began. But there is also something about this series that just slightly missing the mark. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Still I’m in for this arc.
    • cazepeda
      I think it’s the art that unbalances it for me. Wish it was a bit better.
  • geopet
    geopet commented on the comic, Avengers: No Road Home #2
    Avengers: No Road Home #2

    I think I could use some perspective. I’m reading endless outstanding reviews for this series so far and while I think the creators on this are amazing and the Hulk/Hawkeye element is very cool, I’m just not feeling this. What am I missing here that everyone else seems so excited about?

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    • Rjepic1
      No Surrender was great. Haven't read any of this series yet but expecting great things.
  • geopet
    geopet commented on the comic, The Punisher #3
    The Punisher #3

    So I don't know much about The Punisher. And, if I'm honest, the last book was relatively unmemorable for me. So coming to this book, and not really recalling how the last one ended, left me a little a little confused. Also, I don't know who Jigsaw is. So while the ending might be a big deal for people who are deep into The Punisher, it ran cold for me.

    It's very...

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    • Befilement
      Yup, and sometime after Punisher rearranged his face, he had a little run-in with Daredevil, around the time the papers outed Murdock.
  • geopet
    geopet commented on the comic, Tony Stark: Iron Man #5
    Tony Stark: Iron Man #5

    Hmm... I don't know about this issue. "Headless" cattle? The arm of a person attached to the body of the person who killed them? I'm unsure about the set up here. I also know next to nothing about Arno, so that may be part of my issue here. I mean, is he supposed to be a villain because he unbelievably unethical?

    As before, I'm going...

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    • Ferraz

      Great follow up. Very insightful. I didn't make the connection of the differences between Tony and Arno until you mentioned it. Thx

  • geopet
    geopet commented on the comic, The Amazing Spider-Man #9
    The Amazing Spider-Man #9

    I continue to enjoy how Spencer is taking into account how Peter's actions as Spider-Man affect MJ. I liked the introduction of the confessionals similar to what Tom King is doing in Heroes in Crisis. I'm a bit torn on the Black-Cat story, but I've not been disappointed so far with Spencer's work on this story.

    • olbatboy

      I thought the exact same thing! I’m liking both.

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