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  • gentlegiant303
    I wanted to check this comic after catching up on the show on Netflix. This was a great first issue. It clearly continued story from previous volumes but didn’t overwhelm a new reader. I got a good sense of Jessica...
    • Imcubillo

      Late to the party, but this was a very solid first issue. Classic Bendis and the small touches are great, the champions running by, the Dazzler shirt, and spider woman on the side of the building are great. Don’t have any additional issues but may try to pick up a trade at some point. 

  • Fables was one of the things that got me into comics. I found my old trades and wanted to read them again. Even knowing what was going to happen, this comic is incredible. It takes a basic concept of fairy tale characters...
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    • ObsessedNerd

      I used to really enjoy this series. Unfortunately its one I lost track of during one of my breaks from comics. Always intend to grab the issues I missed.

  • gentlegiant303
    This is a pretty simple Spider-Man story. It doesn't do anything new, but is still fun. There is some clunky dialog and odd art choices, but while reading it I enjoyed myself, which is the most important thing for a...
  • gentlegiant303
    This book really wants to be interesting. It tries to hook you with the gritty story and the prohibition era settings. It also includes a supernatural element to change things up. It fails at everything it attempts. I don’t...
    • Forthekids15

      I felt the same way. I was really disappointed in it. 

  • gentlegiant303
    This should have been a great comic about the history of the industry, but it turned out to be Howard Chaykin trying to show how “cool” he is. This issue changed the names of all the people involved in the stories,...
    • Taren

      He would get sued for using real names. 

Been reading comics on and off since 2006, but have been reading full time since the launch of the New 52. Always looking for suggestions of older comics to read.
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