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  • GenesisX
    GenesisX commented on the comic, Ghost-Spider #9
    Ghost-Spider #9

    Wait, so next issue is the end of the series? Sigh...

  • GenesisX
    GenesisX commented on the comic, The Flash #753
    The Flash #753

    Decent, though Paradox's killing of past Barry should have killed the present one too, yeah?

  • GenesisX
    GenesisX commented on the comic, Young Justice #11
    Young Justice #11

    Sigh...right back to square one. Can't there be one Superman-related series not being written by Bendis? First Action/Superman, then YJ, and then LoSH. Sooner or later, Jon will get a solo series written by him. It's stupid. 

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    • Taren

      You are right. Might be time to move on. Sad this site use to bring me such joy... Other than you and like 3 others. Now... The site is becoming... This. 

  • GenesisX
    GenesisX commented on the comic, X-Men #8
    X-Men #8

    Was wondering whatever happened to Idie and Broo. The writing for the New Mutants characters is still terrible. Dunno why they mentioned Black Bolt in the text page...unless there's gonna be another Inhumans crossover?

    Suffice to say, not much happens here. Dunno why they call this series, "X-Men", when it should be called "Cyclops"...

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    • razordoll

      I am pretty sure Blackbolt was only mentioned so they could tell us that Vulcan has never died. Which begs the question: is Gabe a resurrected Vulcan and now there are two of them running around, or is this just a diversion.

  • GenesisX
    GenesisX commented on the comic, The Amazing Spider-Man #42
    The Amazing Spider-Man #42

    Was a really sad story. Giving it a 3 purely because of the awful art. But damn, that was touching. 

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