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  • geminigrey
    geminigrey commented on the comic, Ghost Rider #2
    Ghost Rider #2

    You know, for a book called Ghost Rider, it'd be nice to have the main character appears in more than 2-3 pages.   Big GR fan personally, but not impressed so far.

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    • GraySpeedster
      I'm giving it one more issue to get better and if it doesn't I'm dropping it.
  • geminigrey

    Moved from LCS to DCBS online for my floppies.  I love my LCS but at the number of issues I was buying, it was either save money by buying online or reduce number of titles I was reading.    The delay in getting my issues is making me twitchy though, may have to spring for weekly shipping inside of twice monthly.

  • geminigrey
    geminigrey commented on the comic, Spider-Woman #14
    Spider-Woman #14

    Spider-Woman is one of my favorite Marvel books right now.   I absolutely love Jessica juggling mom/detective/superhero, and Roger/Porcupine is a great supporting cast.  Current arc is killing me, waiting to see if he's gone or not.   

    • EssArrBee

      Those opening scenes in Jess' apartment and Roger's ex-wife's house were hard to read. All that stuff Ben was saying to Jess was killing me.

      I think that Hopeless is probably my favorite Spider-Woman writer though. He really understands what makes her tick.

  • geminigrey
    geminigrey commented on the comic, Infamous Iron Man #3
    Infamous Iron Man #3

    I'm enjoying this series so far, really liking Alex Maleev's art on it.   

  • geminigrey
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