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  • galeme
    galeme commented on the comic, Batman #57
    Batman #57

    Why Batman didn't use a snow motorcycle or something? He doesn't have one?

    Also i literally laughed at the scene that Batman act like "I am the world's greatest detective so i will not interrogate you to find out who hired you. Instead i will break your neck and leave you to the death." Hahaha so funny. 


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    • gferg1991

      Because Tom King doesn't like Batman and likes to write him as this inept, robot. Just very out of character which par for the course I guess. 

  • galeme
    galeme commented on the comic, Kill or Be Killed #19
    Kill or Be Killed #19

    The ending... just wow. Amazing issue.

    • Highyellow1
      OMG!! This has been my go to read! Just brilliant!
  • galeme
    galeme commented on the comic, Batman #45
    Batman #45

    I didn't know Booster was such an idiot character that he changed the timeline just for a wedding gift. Also Dick being Batman in this timeline is just so random.

    Great issue. 5/5

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    • Requiemlaureate

      Dick Grayson was made Batman for a while by Grant Morrison. Him being Batman with Damian as Robin was the best thing Morrison ever did in my opinion. It was cool to read the similarities and differences between Dick and Bruce as Batman. Black Mirror by Scott Snyder, his best writing, featured Dick as Batman.

  • galeme
    galeme commented on the comic, Batman #44
    Batman #44

    Selina breaks into a store at night because she can't just do shoping during day while she is wanted for murder right?

    Also poor Bruce has no idea about Selina's crime of stealing :(

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    • olbatboy

      I enjoy the run, but I don't think Batman's dialogue "sounds" like Batman's either. I wonder if the dialogue is supposed to represent what Batman sounds like when his guard is down--since he lets his guard down around Selina? 

      Some issues I feel like are "lazy" and other issues I feel like or just simple/realistic--especially when it comes to dialogue. (It's like a cat has his tongue.)

      I think that since they've started the bi-monthly issues, all the rebirth comics feel "stretched." They stretch two 2.99 comics from one 3.99 monthly comic. So us buyers end up paying an extra two bucks for the same amount of story each month. (I think it's  going on in most of the books, not just Batman.)

  • galeme
    galeme commented on the comic, Batman #43
    Batman #43

    And now he doesn't care about his own continuity. Lol.

    Actually i started to like this run as a Batman parody. I see it now, why it is so great. Very enjoyable. 

    • Wheezy1892
      Av not read this one yet going off your comment I will assume its more nonsense
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