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Overlooked Comics: Secrets of Young Brides #2
May 12, 2013, 7:39 pm

Welcome to the 1975 Miss Young Bride Secrets Pageant, celebrating newlyweds with something to hide. Let’s meet our three finalists, starting with contestant number one!

Maude - Secrets of Young Brides #2Maude Forbe’s husband Steve, would never attend church with Maude while they were dating. When they went on their honeymoon, Steve wanted to spend all his time with the “kooks” he met in all the swinging nightlife establishments they visited throughout Europe. He preferred the nightlife and excitement over sightseeing with Maude. Upon their return Steve still refused to attend church, so one Sunday Maude followed him to a really poor section of town. It turns out Steve’s secret was that he spent his Sunday’s volunteering at a youth club, acting as a big brother to a couple of kids and volunteering at a local hospital. Maude’s secret is that she’s a stalker.

Claudia - Secrets of Young Brides #2Contestant number two is Claudia and her husband Tony was tragically killed by a drunk driver less than two months after their wedding. When Claudia returned to work, she overheard that coworker Walt Jorgenson’s wife was near death in the hospital, so she volunteered to look after their children so Walt could spend time with his wife before she passed. Shortly after the funeral, Claudia took Walt and his children to the shore to help them heal and Walt told Claudia that someday, in a few months he would have a question to ask her. Claudia’s secret is that she had a pact with her late husband Tony that if one of them should die, the other would not grieve but move on and be happy.

Denise - Secrets of Young Brides #2Finally, let’s meet Denise. She’s the grooviest girl at the Pink Poodle Club and get’s lots of attention from the male patrons thanks to her skimpy uniform. With that little on, what could she be hiding? Well, her secret is that she’s also finishing her thesis on the long-range effects of advertising on the nation’s culture and even helped her husband Tommy prepare a report for work that predicted the end of the recession. Making her secret known got her out of her Pink Poodle outfit and into a business suit working side-by-side with her husband.

Before our judges pick their winner, I’d like to remind you to pick up the first issue the Charlton Bullseye (best ad of this issue), the first fanzine dedicated to Charlton Comics with creator interviews and news.

Alright, our judges have made their decision and the 1975 Miss Young Bride Secrets is… contestant number three, Denise - your secret was the best (and least creepy).  Congratulations! 

Secrets of Young Brides #2Just a few real notes about this issue – the stories are pretty simple with obvious messages but they’re an enjoyable bit of nostalgia. There are no credits for the three stories in the book other than a “Nicholas Alascia” signature on the first page of the second story indicating that the art was  by long-time collaborators Charles Nicholas and Vince Alascia. I know that creators like Dick Giordano, John Byrne and Sal Buscema did work for Charlton but the art in the other two stories doesn’t resemble their work. If anyone out there knows who drew the other two stories or wrote all three of them, please let me know.

One last personal note about Secrets of Young Brides #2 -  the description and likeness of a woman that Maude and Steve meet on their honeymoon very closely matches my grandmother. Is there anything too it? I’ll ask my grandmother and let you know.

My grandmother in Secrets of Young Brides #2?

1975 Fact: The Rolling Stones opened their Tour of the America’s ’75 on June 1st in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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