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  • Taren
    Taren » Gabriel

    Ummmm....You have like tons of books! Respect!

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel » Gabriel

    I recently reacquired the first 12 issues of Alpha Flight since I remember really enjoying them. But I've never read past issue 12. So, my question to Alpha Flight fans is, how much farther beyond issue 12 should I read? When does the quality drop off? Thanks!

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    • hayneseed

      80s or 90s series?

  • Drumanespic
    Drumanespic » Gabriel

    Hi there, I just read that Dan Abnett is writing Earth 2: Society #8. Don't know if this is a one- off or not. How are you finding the series?

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel » Gabriel

    Happy Green Lantern Day (2.8.14). Who is your favorite GL? Mine - the JLU version of John Stewart.

    • Xploited
      I haven't found John Stewart in the comics all that interesting (not in the books I've checked out), but I definitely prefer the JLU version of him as well. I'd say he's my favorite, though that may be because of how much I adored the series.
  • Gabriel
    In a story involing the discovery that Krypon never exploded, writer Marc Guggenheim invokes the feel of the classic Weisinger era stories while injecting a deeper sense of emotion missing from those earlier stories. Joe...
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