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  • Taren
    Taren » Gabriel

    Ummmm....You have like tons of books! Respect!

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    • Gabriel

      Thanks. They tend to build up over 35 years of buying them. :)

  • RBPoe2
    RBPoe2 » Gabriel

    I am a couple of weeks behind on my reading.  Other things in my life have taken my attention away from comics for a while.  All I can tell you is:  The Avengers defeated the Celestials, the Legion of Doom is back and battling the Justice League, Livewire has gone rogue and the Valiant Universe will never be the same, and Unicron is headed for Earth.

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel » Gabriel

    I recently reacquired the first 12 issues of Alpha Flight since I remember really enjoying them. But I've never read past issue 12. So, my question to Alpha Flight fans is, how much farther beyond issue 12 should I read? When does the quality drop off? Thanks!

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    • hayneseed

      80s or 90s series?

  • Comicsareart
    Comicsareart » Gabriel

    Anyone going to New York Comic Con this year?

  • HazMatt86
    HazMatt86 » Gabriel

    I want to expand my valiant collection. Anyone got any suggestions for what I should be reading?

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