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  • Frosty406
    Frosty406 commented on the comic, X-Men #7
    X-Men #7
    So as alluded to during HoX/PoX and a couple times after, something is definitely going on with Doug Ramsey and Krakoa. Comic Shop guy and I feel he's probably one of, if not the, most important player to this series.
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    • Taren

      (best Spock voice) Fascinating. 

  • Frosty406
    Frosty406 commented on the comic, Powers of X #5
    Powers of X #5
    Really liked this issue. The implications of the cover, which are rarely story accurate, of Mr. Sinister growing his own mutants outside of what Xavier is doing is very intriguing. Can't wait to see where the final 2 issues go.
    • TevaIlan

      Yeah it seemed strange to me that the cover doesn't have much obvious connection to the story. I feel like the previous HOX/POX covers were pretty story accurate. 

  • Frosty406
    Frosty406 commented on the comic, Paper Girls #30
    Paper Girls #30
    WTF even happened in this issue. I can't wait to read the whole series in a row once the last trades drops. Very great series
    • Kroenen23034
      It was a very nice wrap to the series. I loved it.
  • Frosty406
    Frosty406 commented on the comic, Avengers #20
    Avengers #20
    I'm really interested to see what's going to happen moving forward with the series. Aaron obviously teased what seems to be like 4 future arcs maybe leading to an event in a couple years or so?
  • Frosty406
    Frosty406 commented on the comic, Guardians of the Galaxy #6
    Guardians of the Galaxy #6
    Great issue! The small "crossover" with the next Avengers arc is very intriguing. Love these guys working on a more consistent universe continuity.
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