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X-23 #8
Gabby shines through great artwork
X-23 #8 Review
January 11th, 2019

This was a great issue. TGabby is so much fun to watch/read in this with her brand of playfull brutallity. She continues to act as a constant mirror helf up by Laura as she is forced to deal with her own issues.  It seems that Tamaki's run is going to continue to focus on Laura's raising  / training of Gabby. I think it's great, but have read a few complaints. The artwork and writing blended in fantastic ways. A hallmark of this series has been excellent first pages that make the world around you just vanish and bring you straight into the story. In this case, the first page reads as a visual poem with Larua and Gabby interwoven with weapons-fire that is then used to break up a really nice timeline. Also look out for "snikt" - "click" two-page layout in the middle. Just really well-done. Have cut a few from my pull-list, but happy that I have kept this one.

Loved It


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