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The Wake HC
old-time in spirit
The Wake HC Review
February 15th, 2020

This is one of those stories that reminds me of older sci-fi. Some might feel it's too much deux ex machina, but I like that in sci-fi if done right. It ends up being zen in that the "heros" can't control everything; sometimes they are relegated to merely witnessing great events. The ending is a little expository, but great art saves this. The story is often confusing and maybe is more experienced than understood as mentioned in review by @gregroyj. As with all Scott Snyder's writing, you definitely feel his passion for writing even if you don't always agree with the choices he made.

Really Liked It


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  • gregroyj42

    If you are looking for more of Sean Murphy's art check out Joe the Barbarian it is great art wise and it's written by Grant Morrison which in that book is a great thing.

    Reply  ·  4 months ago
  • Foozman

    cool. thanks.

    Reply  ·  4 months ago