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Ninjak Deluxe Edition HC
clever but lacks something
February 2nd, 2020

I bought this half-price as my exploration of life beyond the capes (Marvel / DC). I liked this but didn't love it.

The good: The first chapters are drawn by Mann, but even with the artistic change up after six issues, high standards are maintained. The story is interesting involving a large international conspiracy with metaphysical elements introduced by "The Silent Monk".

The action sequences are quite good and well-paced. Ninjak is a bit like a more extreme James Bond in terms of his ninja skills and his roguish streak. The bad: I don't really connect with the characters, and I don't feel drawn into the story. The The last third goes beyond the metaphysical and introduces fantasy elements and make it seem like a different book altogether. In the end, I enjoyed reading it, but will save my money for other things.

Liked It


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