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The Green Lantern Vol. 1: Intergalactic Lawman HC
needs to pick a lane
December 29th, 2019

I'd say the big problem with this book is that it tries to be everything. Some parts are serious with hard-nose Hal  Jordan doing his cop/detective stuff. Some parts are crazy like a Justice League Event, and some parts seem like satire/commentary ala Mark Russel. It doesn't blend well. Instead it comes off as a multicourse meal with the courses coming in random order. The art saves this a lot. The Green Lantern concept/world brings in the opportunity for beautiful heroics with backdrops that look like Hubble Space Telescope images. Sharp and team really go beyond and exceed the story line. The aliens and Jordan's ease of interaction with the disparate life forms of the universe is also interesting. I can't say that I regret buying / reading this, but with the great talent out there, if it's not four stars or better, it's time to try something new. Maybe Far Sector will fill this niche in my collection.

Liked It


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  • Wheezy1892
    I mainly picked this up (the original 12 issues) for the art, but I thought at times the story got convulted, it might reader better in trade, and Morrison tends to require a few rereads (for me anyway) but I agree, there is a too much going on. It was dubbed as a space cop procedural type but in issue 3 or 4 it goes off the rails a bit. I liked it but I don't think I will go for season 2 no matter how much I liked the art.
    Reply  ·  5 months ago
  • Foozman
    Well, at least we can remember volcano head fondly.
    Reply  ·  5 months ago
  • gregroyj42

    Morrison is one of those writers where some of his work i have loved ( Joe the Barbarian)  and some I have hated(We3) For me there are usally just way too many and too grand ideas that don't connect and deliver a cohesive meaningful story(the return of Bruce Wayne)  This first arc was just too much for me.

    Reply  ·  5 months ago