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Wonder Twins Vol. 1: Activate! TP
sophisticated goofiness
November 24th, 2019

This arc was just a whole lot of fun. Mark Russel came up with a story line that is  wonderfully ironic in that it treats serious things in a way that is simultaneously thoughtful and entertainingly goofy. He really tries to pack in the gags to keep everything moving. The main characters are very likable, dealing with their time on Earth and their Justice League internship by being relaxed and open-minded while still staying true to their own way of thinking and alien culture, and they are always friendly. Not sure who else could have pulled this off in comics today, but for sure, Mark Russel and Steve Byrne killed it.

Really Liked It


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  • KingKrypton

    And issues #7,8 and 9 are even better

    Reply  ·  6 months ago
  • Foozman

    Cool. I will definitely pick it up when the trade comes out. 

    Reply  ·  6 months ago