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Green Lanterns Vol. 6: A World of Our Own TP
fun space adventure, well balanced, good art
September 7th, 2019

Green Lanterns continues to deliver a fun space adventure story that can best be described as DC meets Star Trek. The fresh eyes of the young Simon Baz and jessica Cruz make this series an excellent intro to the Green Lantern Universe. They are also likabe and relatable super heros that must overcome personal challenges, natural disasters and sinister space baddies. The balance is fantastic between the three pillars of personal development of the heros, action and larger societal issues so that three act together to support the overall narrative and are never distracting from the other two. Finally, the pacing and the art just nail it. Drawn by a team of pencillers and inkers, the art is both consistant and consistant in its quality with great attention to the action, facial expressions and cosmic effects of the space adventure. The story is pretty easy to follow and I think almost any TP in this series is a fine jumping on point.

Really Liked It


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