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  • Foozman
    This is a review of issues 1-28 that I picked up in 2020 on sale as a package at my LCS. In the end this was a really cool run that ultimately leads in to crossover that I haven't read yet. The Kara Kaboom in the review...
  • Foozman
    Foozman reviewed The Wake HC
    This is one of those stories that reminds me of older sci-fi. Some might feel it's too much deux ex machina, but I like that in sci-fi if done right. It ends up being zen in that the "heros" can't control...
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    • gregroyj42

      If you are looking for more of Sean Murphy's art check out Joe the Barbarian it is great art wise and it's written by Grant Morrison which in that book is a great thing.

  • Foozman
    I bought this half-price as my exploration of life beyond the capes (Marvel / DC). I liked this but didn't love it. The good: The first chapters are drawn by Mann, but even with the artistic change up after six issues,...
  • I'd say the big problem with this book is that it tries to be everything. Some parts are serious with hard-nose Hal  Jordan doing his cop/detective stuff. Some parts are crazy like a Justice League Event, and some...
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    • gregroyj42

      Morrison is one of those writers where some of his work i have loved ( Joe the Barbarian)  and some I have hated(We3) For me there are usally just way too many and too grand ideas that don't connect and deliver a cohesive meaningful story(the return of Bruce Wayne)  This first arc was just too much for me.

  • Foozman
    Foozman reviewed Batman #1
    Just after its conclusion with issue 85, It seems appropriate to write a review for the whole run. This run is reflective of Tom King’s chosen style in the last few years. If you liked Sheriff of Babylon and Mister...
    • Taren

      Great insite. Great review. 

  • This volume constists of two stories, Superhuman Trafficking and Lost Lantern. Both stories have fun adventure and present new Lanterns Baz and Cruz as determined but inexperienced enforcers for intergalactic peace. This...
  • Foozman
    I am somewhat embarrassed to praise this work as much as I do, but five stars. I think the intro by Millar says it all. Frank Millar accomplished his goal and really wrote a great update to Batman's first foray into...
    • Taren

      Still perhaps the best Batman story. 

  • This arc was just a whole lot of fun. Mark Russel came up with a story line that is  wonderfully ironic in that it treats serious things in a way that is simultaneously thoughtful and entertainingly goofy. He really...
  • There is a lot that is really good here. The art for one was fantastic. Particularly, in the first two chapters, where the Daredevil perspective is shown on the backside of the regular art. There are also some really fantastic...
  • Foozman
    This book is a real treat, very different from most DC books, but a great homage to DC. If Norman Rockwell and Dante were DC fans and wanted to collaborate on a fan book, this is what hey would have created. The art is gorgeous....
  • Uncanny X-Men has been a very nice run that started in the second half of 2018. This last trade volume was a nice ending. It's full of action. It has tons of plot twists and gets at the very heart of what the X-Men are...
  • Green Lanterns continues to deliver a fun space adventure story that can best be described as DC meets Star Trek. The fresh eyes of the young Simon Baz and jessica Cruz make this series an excellent intro to the Green Lantern...
  • So impressed with how well Rosenberg integrates such a large cast without any exposition. Everything just flows. Great action and seamless. Works on its own, but for the full impact, should read X-Men Disassmebled. Art is...
  • Foozman
    This run seems to more of the artists' impression of Batman rather than a Batman story. I reread the first two before reading the last one, and I think that is the way to do it. The art is great. I almost wish the whole...
    • Taren

      I wish I could have enjoyed this. The art and the Jim Lee covers were amazing. The the story was extremely lacking in all the elements I look for in a good plot. It just never worked for me. Glad to see other who enjoyed it. 

  • Foozman
    Foozman reviewed Batgirl #35
    I am a big fan of Scott Snyder, and I love his Justice League Run and everything leading up to it, but Scott's (as in Marghread Scott's) Batgirl is the perfect complement to that. The stakes are just right. The world...
  • Foozman
    This was really great. I read this a month ago, and I still think about it. Works on a lot of levels. Mister Miracle has a strange subduedness / disengagedness about him that is easily mistaken for depression, but it isn't...
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    • Foozman

      Yeah, but you don't know what else is on the pile:

      Sheriff of Babylon

      Jack Kirby's Mister Miracle (almost done, getting a little tired of it)

      Black Science

      Monstress vol. 3

      Lemire's Green Arrow

      all of Green Arrow Rebirth issues 1-40something

      Your Name

      52 weeks

      Wonder Woman War of the Gods

      Wonder Woman Greatest Victories

      Snyder's The Wake

      and, I haven't picked them up yet, but there is:

      vols. 1-4 of All New Wolverine

      Batman Who Laughs when it comes out in trade

      I am drowning in great comics. It's a nice problem to have.

  • Foozman
    This issue is worth picking up for the action layouts. Really just pulls you right into the action scene and keeps you flipping pages back and forth while you take in the sequences. very impressive. Several artists worked...
  • Foozman
    Foozman reviewed X-23 #8
    This was a great issue. TGabby is so much fun to watch/read in this with her brand of playfull brutallity. She continues to act as a constant mirror helf up by Laura as she is forced to deal with her own issues.  It...
  • Foozman
    Foozman reviewed Superman #6
    This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.
  • Foozman
    Has Dick Grayson subbing in as Batman with support from Tim Drake, Damian and Cassandra. Overall a nice mystery tying together Gotham’s history from 1800s with a Gotham city bomber today. Artwork supports this connection...