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  • Green Lantern 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1
    This is missing Seeley who is a really solid under-appreciated DC writer. After his great work in lanterns Cruz and Bas in rebirth, seems like a terrible omission.
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    • realmrider

      Seeley is great! Loved his Nightwing run

  • Foozman
    Foozman commented on the comic, X-23 #9
    X-23 #9

    Was scrolling thru collection and just thought how awesome this cover was. Alas poor x-assasin, I knew her well.

  • Foozman
    Foozman commented on the comic, Batman Eternal Vol. 1 TP
    Batman Eternal Vol. 1 TP
    Read all three volumes during quarantine. It’s an adventure. Got lots of action. Not too deep. Storylines with Harper (bluebird) and Stephanie (Spoiler) aren’t bad. In the end, there are better stories out there. But I don’t regret giving this a try.
  • Foozman

    What are the worst books written by Alan Moore?

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    • Adamantiumcocoon

      I really enjoy a lot of his work. (I personally recommend his Swamp Thing run.)

      My least favourite thing he did was the Violator mini-series. I was so excited for it based on his early issue of the main Spawn book, but the Violator mini just didn't do anything for me.

  • Foozman

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Motivated by the Batman Arkham video games, I have recently rediscovered comics late in my adulthood. After a year and a half of collecting comics, I am mostly interested in DC and few select books from smaller publishers that get recommended by the nice
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