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  • Foozman
    Foozman reviewed The Wake HC
    This is one of those stories that reminds me of older sci-fi. Some might feel it's too much deux ex machina, but I like that in sci-fi if done right. It ends up being zen in that the "heros" can't control...
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    • gregroyj42

      If you are looking for more of Sean Murphy's art check out Joe the Barbarian it is great art wise and it's written by Grant Morrison which in that book is a great thing.

  • Foozman

    How are we not going crazy that Joker won two Oscars?

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    • Foozman
      I though Joker could have easily been a Black Label story. It also carried forward a lot of themes. In particular, how Joker can inspire deviancy. I always found the copycats not believable in books, but this film broke through that barrier for me. finally, a Joker story that is not Bat or Harley obsessed as well. He gets his me time.
  • Foozman
    Foozman commented on the comic, Batman and Robin Vol. 4: Requiem For Damian HC
    Batman and Robin Vol. 4: Requiem For Damian HC
    Just read chapter 1, aka issue 18. Wow!
  • Foozman
    I bought this half-price as my exploration of life beyond the capes (Marvel / DC). I liked this but didn't love it. The good: The first chapters are drawn by Mann, but even with the artistic change up after six issues,...
Motivated by the Batman Arkham video games, I have recently rediscovered comics late in my adulthood. After a year and a half of collecting comics, I am mostly interested in DC and few select books from smaller publishers that get recommended by the nice
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