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  • Fadrrr
    Fadrrr commented on the comic, Valkyrie: Jane Foster #10: Digital-First Edition
    Valkyrie: Jane Foster #10: Digital-First Edition
    Coming to Print in August!
    • Ferraz

      Excellent. Along with other straight to digital issues. 

  • Fadrrr
    Fadrrr commented on the comic, Ghost Rider #6
    Ghost Rider #6
    I'm digging this
  • Fadrrr
    Fadrrr commented on the comic, Doctor Doom #2
    Doctor Doom #2
    nahh y'all are trippin this shit is pretty good. you need to keep an open mind and be able to read a new take on character with out some pre determined bias. it's an interesting read
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    • ObsessedNerd

      Oh I agree its not the typical Doom portrayal. I just meant, and I admittedly haven't read every Doom centric series, that we're seeing Doom portrayed in a role where he has had to make a decision to put his country first in way he hasn't had to do it before. Basically by not taking them into a war and playing a different role where he perceived the best way to "win" was to take a different path. Not only allow himself to be arrested but almost playing the role of the persecuted hero. Doom's motivations and personality make him much more complex than just a Villain we all know that. So I see this storyline as something of a long game that he's playing. Hopefully I'm right and we eventually see a very Dr Doom type payoff. Time will tell I guess.

  • Fadrrr
    Wow. First time reading a true X-men comic and this was just awesome. Omega level mutants on record is cool. Jonathan Hickman has set up this series for some serious epicness
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