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  • Exodonian
    Exodonian created a new list, Best of 2020 First Time Reads

    Don't take the rankings too seriously. It's hard comparing a comic about a warrior that chops off people's heads with a webcomic about being trapped in a phone booth but I did my best.

  • Exodonian
    Exodonian created a new list, Library Holds

    Boxers Mega Man: Time Keeps Slipping

  • Exodonian
    Exodonian created a new list, Unread in my Collection
  • Exodonian
    Exodonian created a new list, Great Single Issues

    Great issues (or personal favorites) that tell a standalone (or mostly standalone) story. Single issues are not my typical format of reading comics. Some of the issues of this list are issues I read individually. Others are standalone stories that stood out to me among collections and trades (and I happened to make note of the issue number.) Most of these I haven't read in a while and if I remembered every...

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    • KingKrypton

      I couldn't keep an Astro City great single issue list under 25. My choice as best ongoing series ever.

      Awwww yeah Tiny Titans! If you know all of Teen Titans history the book is even funnier.

      Agreed on the Paul Jenkins run of Peter Parker: Spider-Man, chock full of great single issues.

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