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West Coast Avengers #3
March 20th, 2019
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

Somehow this comic just keeps getting more wacky with each turn of the page. Tigra returns with giant monster ladies, Quetin Quire is totally into Gwen, and then, of course, Kate-Hawk. If this was branded with Avengers instead of West Coast Avengers people would be talking about how insane this book is, but since it is relegated to B-Team status, it just does not get its well deserved love. It is a shame too, because it really has had everything needed to make a team book great and above all else is fun to read. It almost has that Nextwave-level insanity going on, which is the good kind by the way.

There were also some really cool moments that popped up in this issue for some of team members. Gwen thinking that she might have been rebooted was quite funny, though she still seems to always have guns that come out of nowhere. That is one of the best powers anyone could possibly have. Punisher would kill for that ability (actually he probably tried that already). Then Johnny revealed his piercings are made of vibranium, which is a really good idea for a guy that turns into whatever he touches. It does make him a little overpowered though, since he can always just turn into vibranium. Unless Magneto shows up, he will always be able to just be the strongest metal around. Changing into anything else will just be a plot device now. 

More series should be this nuts. It is like reading an old Fantastic Four comic with more humor. All those giant monster ladies would make Jack Kirby proud though. Especially one that is dressed in purple and carries a bow. This comic is basically perfect so far and worth every penny.

Loved It


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