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  • erby_88
    erby_88 commented on the comic, Kill or Be Killed #16
    Kill or Be Killed #16
    That ending, though! WHAT THE @$#%#%!!!!
  • erby_88
    erby_88 commented on the comic, Sacred Creatures #3
    Sacred Creatures #3
    This series has been phenomenal! Only 3 issues in and probably one of my top 5 pulls every month! I was hoping I wasn't the only one reading this book!
    • Taren

      I am loving this as well. Well told story so far! 

  • erby_88
    erby_88 commented on the comic, Secret Empire #10
    Secret Empire #10
    Did we read the same issue? Because it didn't seem to me that Kobik fixed it all...
  • erby_88
    erby_88 commented on the comic, A.D.: After Death #3
    A.D.: After Death #3
    Fantastic series! Brilliant storytelling all the way through with plenty of philosophical thoughts to ponder in many ways. Just what I like in my books. The best ones are the ones that stick with you by making you think about the subject matter long after you have read them.
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    • MannequinRaces

      Definitely. This was a great collaboration! I really hope they consider doing more together in the future. I really liked the oversize format, would have liked to have seen a bit more art but overall it was fantastic. Thinking about buying the HC too just because! 

  • erby_88

    Anyone have any good resources that make it any easier to keep up with current value of books? Looking to start getting serious about the value of my collection that I have amassed so far.

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    • Taren

      Or this site:


29 year-old dude that is 3 years into this comics collecting/reading thing. I must say, it is quite the ride! Such a blast! Top 5 List: God Wife Comics Sports Movies
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