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  • Enki345
    Enki345 commented on the comic, Hillbilly #9
    Hillbilly #9

    Although both physical and digital copies of this issue have actually been released this week, seems like there've been some shipping problems, and most retailers will be getting it next week. Just a heads up for anyone wondering.

  • Enki345
    Enki345 commented on the comic, Betrothed #1
    Betrothed #1

    I'm really excited for this, Steve Uy's a great artist I'm really happy he's back doing comics again.

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    • cardflopper

      @gregroyj42 Agreed! Aftershock issues have been some of my most anticipated pulls of the week. Some other good ones from them right now are "brilliant trash" and "monstro mechanica"

  • Enki345

    So, I'm gonna start reading some current Marvel again. And I need some recommendations. Both for current series and for recent ones from the last few years.

    I don't think I've read any Marvel comic that came out in like, 8 to 9 years. And though this new renumbering they're doing, this "Fresh Start", doesn't really seem any more promising than any other ones they've recently done, they do have a new Editor-In-Chief. Oh, and they also have a Multiple Man series, by Matt Rosenberg.

    After the announcement of the Multiple Man series, I immediately knew I wanted to read that. And in these past couple of days I've been thinking about if I should just stick to that one title, or if I should just say fuck it, admit to myself that I'm never really gonna be able to catch-up with those years of comics I haven't read, if I keep not reading any current Marvel ones, and just start pulling whatever Marvel comics I want to read. And finally now I've decided to go with the latter option. 

    So, currently I'm planning on pulling the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers, Black Panther, Captain America, Cosmic Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange, Domino, Exiles, The Immortal Hulk, Multiple Man, New Mutants: Dead Souls, Quicksilver: No Surrender, Thor, Venom, and You Are Deadpool series. And the currently ongoing Legion, Lockjaw, Marvel 2-In-One, Moon Knight, Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man, Punisher, Rogue & Gambit, and X-Men: Red series. 

    I'm also planning on catching-up on the "current" Ta-Nehisi Coates' Black Panther, Jeff Lemire (& Donny Cates)' Thanos, Donny Cates' Doctor Strange (& the Damnation event), Waid & Samnee's Cap America, Avengers: No Surrender, Saladin Ahmed's Blackbolt, Kelly Thompson's Hawkeye, Sina Grace's Ice Man, Phoenix: Resurrection, Rise of The Black Panther mini, and Tales of Suspense series. 

    And from the past few years, I'm planning on reading Tom King's Vision, Gwenpool, Zdarsky's Howard The Duck, Robinson's Nick Fury and Waid & Samnee's Black Widow.

    What other titles do you guys think I should pull? What other titles should I definitely read from the last few years? Btw, I would really appreciate recommendations that doesn't require me to read anything that came out between the Siege event and the Secret Wars event. Siege, I think, was the latest Marvel thing I've read, and I want to catch-up on that era between it and Secret Wars, as a whole, in the future. And for now would like to only read stuff that came out after Secret Wars.

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    • Taren

      Jeff Lemire also did a fun run on Old Man Logan.  Good stuff.  

  • Enki345
    Enki345 commented on the comic, Red Hood and the Outlaws #19
    Red Hood and the Outlaws #19

    Though I don't normally read this series, I decided to give this issue a read, just because I love Takara's art. His work on Detective Comics and Nightwing with the colours of Marcelo Maiolo was incredible, and his work on Batgirl and The Birds of Prey with the colours of Jordan Boyd was just as good, even though the colouring styles of the two are majorly different. The reason, I think, is that...

    • Taren

      I agree. Poor coloring indeed. 

  • Enki345
    Enki345 commented on the comic, X-Men: Grand Design #1
    X-Men: Grand Design #1

    I've never been able to get into X-Men mostly because I had missed the great X-Men era, and there were so many X-Men comics being praised, for me to read 'em all. Here's to hoping this series will get me into X-Men, it's the single biggest comic book thing that I've never gotten into.

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    • GenesisX

      Well how is it? I missed the majority of the X-Men events...don't think I read one till MvX or Schism. So I didn't get to experience the House of M, or Death of Jean Grey, so this would an awesome read. 

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