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Dr. Strange #3
February 15th, 2020
A fun, albeit brief, magic adventure in a wacky abstract extradimensional setting. Easily enjoyable for anyone who isn't following the line, as the ties to the ongoing story aren't too important to this individual book's narrative. My first experience with the illustrator was in Magic: The Gathering, so it was fun to see some classic Kev Walker nightmare monsters here.
Loved It


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  • CarnuSaga

    Oh man, Kev Walker cards were always my favorite! I didn't know he was doing comics now. I remember wishing to see him do comics as far back as the Onslaught block.

    Reply  ·  7 months ago
  • En1gma

    Just looked into it, apparently he's been doing work on some of the recent Black Panther books too!

    Reply  ·  7 months ago