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  • En1gma
    En1gma commented on the comic, The Cimmerian: Red Nails #1
    The Cimmerian: Red Nails #1

    This was rad as hell. Can't wait for more.

  • En1gma
    En1gma commented on the comic, Metal Men #6
    Metal Men #6

    I legitimately busted out laughing when I read the note on the Russia splash page.

  • En1gma
    Given the interconnectivity and strengths of Hickman's X-men relaunch, these collected editions seem like a good way to read post HoXPoX, if one isn't keeping up with the floppies. Some of these stories are stronger than...
  • En1gma
    En1gma commented on the comic, Weirdworld #1
    Weirdworld #1

    Holy crap. This book is a treasure.

  • En1gma
    I haven't read any Valiant since X-O's last solo book, so I can't say why Aric's hoboing around New York and getting into misunderstandings, but I don't hate it. This was a fun book, that seems to go in a more comedic direction,...
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