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  • En1gma
    En1gma commented on the comic, Weirdworld #1
    Weirdworld #1

    Holy crap. This book is a treasure.

  • En1gma
    I haven't read any Valiant since X-O's last solo book, so I can't say why Aric's hoboing around New York and getting into misunderstandings, but I don't hate it. This was a fun book, that seems to go in a more comedic direction,...
  • En1gma
    En1gma commented on the comic, Iron Age 2020 #1
    Iron Age 2020 #1

    Woulda been a 2-star if it weren't for the cat story. Why's Arno on the cover anyway? Monies?

  • En1gma
    Had a little more floppy budget than expected, since a few titles didn't come in, so I picked this up, and I'm glad I did. Vibrant, trippy, weird science ensues as the main character undergoes an experiment to travel to...
  • En1gma

    Well, geeks, what's first on your lockdown reading list? Personally, if my area gets quarantined, I'm planning more work on silver age Doom Patrol, and finally getting around to reading Saga.

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    • Lancashirearab

      I might have a go at The Great Alan Moore Re-read. I have most of them.

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