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  • emiranda06
    emiranda06 commented on the comic, Absolute Carnage #5
    Absolute Carnage #5

    Very bad ending to the story and all the tie-ins were meaningless, overall I think making this an "event" was a bad idea.

  • emiranda06
    emiranda06 commented on the comic, House of X #2
    House of X #2
    Back in issue #1 of Powers of X I told people I don't like time travel stories, "Hickman said this isn't a time travel story"... What I just read might as well be a time travel story and I hated it because it is lazy writing and has been done to dead.
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    • gambit2051

      I can not WAIT to learn what most fans will accept as the definitive truth about Krakoa, and by extension (lucky for him) Vulcan. Hickman has already shown that his X-Men title will include Vulcan (and the entire Summers family plus Jean and Wolverine, meaning this feels like search for answers story after whatever happens in Power of X #6 happens.), so expect a full correction of his actual origin. All their memories being messed up, and ours as well, can easily be attributed to Xavier or Moria messing with them and we will eat it up as long as it is thought-provoking and entertaining, but Hickman will come up with someway where it wasn't just simply Xavier messing with their memories...but killing them and then regrowing them on Krokoa maybe? (doubtful but it is fun to think about).

  • emiranda06
    Very fun and although the team so far doesn't make a lot of sense it promises a cool adventure. I liked the art and the pacing of the writing.
  • emiranda06
    emiranda06 commented on the comic, Prodigy #6
    Prodigy #6

    Edison Crane has a great personality but overall I was not satisfied with the story, we need more exposure in his thinking otherwise you just know everything will be fine and you don't have tension to make it entertainment.

  • emiranda06
    emiranda06 commented on the comic, Powers of X #1
    Powers of X #1

    I don't like time travel stories just because they need to change the future again, it feels like lazy writing, how many times do we need to see it?, Endgame just got released digitally and this is riding the same story bits but at least it is interesting.

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    • gferg1991

      This isn't a time travel. Re read this issue. It's being told in 4 different time periods. Not traveling through time and as stated before they said there is no and will be no time travel in these books. Stay tuned. 

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