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  • elvan164

    Couple of new Tales From The Dark Multiverse one-shots got announced. https://www.dccomics.com/blog/2020/08/06/two-new-tales-from-the-dark-multiverse-arrive-in-november

    Added them both to https://leagueofcomicgeeks.com/comics/series/144706/tales-from-the-dark-multiverse

    These have been great so far tbh.

    THE DARK MULTIVERSE INFECTS TWO MORE ICONIC DC EVENTS THIS NOVEMBER! Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Batman: Hush #1 On Sale November 3
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    • Hedgehog

      These look absolutely awesome woah

  • elvan164
    elvan164 commented on the comic, Injustice: Year Zero Chapter #1
    Injustice: Year Zero Chapter #1

    I'll be trade waiting this but really looking forward to more of Injustice!

    • Taren

      I have the other Vols in digital trade... Just need to get to them. 

  • elvan164

    So, regarding the Diamond codes area for DC books, myself and some others (not sure who, can't be bothered to check edit history), have been changing them to the UCS codes as it's the only one which can be checked (lunar does not have a public site).

    My question to the general user public here is, does anyone actually care about the codes? There are several options to this.

    A) Continue adding / changing them all to UCS codes
    B) Keep them blank because the box obviously says "Diamond Codes"
    C) I don't really care, do what you want

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    • Xploited

      You can use that field for now for UCS as long as it's DC only / there are no Diamond codes. Eventually the field will be split into multiple though.

  • elvan164

    Hey yall,

    Just realized that releases that have the DC street date of Tuesdays aren't showing up on Pull-List if you sort by week (it's there if you sort by month).

    Also, I'm unsure whether we should enter the dates according to Diamond dates of Weds or DC dates of Tuesday. I personally think just following Diamond is best because the Pull-List will show them if you sort by week.

    Any thoughts?

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    • elektro141
      Late to the discussion, but thanks for posting. I've been maintaining the Wednesday release dates for the "New Comics" and "Pull List" pages to populate correctly as well. It's not an ideal fix, but maybe these can be altered later.
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