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  • Ellye
    I think this issue does a much better job of showing up this new plot, and the continuation of the big reveal that started some issues ago is finally finding itself a good pace.
  • Ellye
    Ellye reviewed House of X #2
    Well, maybe a couple panel with Magneto and the Cuckoos and with Raven and Xavier, both cases with no characterization whatsoever. Horridly overrated, so far.
    • masterofcomicsfu

      HOXPOX exists to establish a new era for the X-Men, less so to provide a whole lot of growth over the course of these 12 issues that really take a high-level look at what's happening. I think Hickman gets to the core of each character, but if you're looking for deep character development you'd be better off skipping to the Dawn of X series.

  • Ellye
    Not only are all the scenarios completely been-there-done-that for X-Men, but the narrative feels absurdly pretentious, the characters gave me no reason at all to care about any of them (seems to be a weakness of this writer...
  • Ellye
    Ellye commented on the comic, Powers of X #1
    Powers of X #1

    I don't remember the last time I was just flipping through a comic and feeling like skipping panels because of how uninterested I was on it.

    I really enjoyed HoX #1, but PoX #1 was one of the worst reads I've had in a long time.

  • Ellye
    Ellye commented on the comic, Uncanny X-Men #15
    Uncanny X-Men #15
    The failing in Logan's memory was really hurtful to see on this one.
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