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  • EleaticVisitor
    This brilliant issue alternates between total silence, calm first-person narrative interpretation, and moments of frenzied panic all interspersed with visions of an otherrealm. The drawing, colors, and panel layout closely...
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    • PKcomic411
      Put in my trade wait list for ya
  • EleaticVisitor
    In this first issue Simon Spurrier introduces the reader to four high school students who are each alienated from their peers for diverse reasons. Three of the four end up being brought together and, in some very powerful...
  • EleaticVisitor
    EleaticVisitor commented on the comic, Finger Guns #1
    Finger Guns #1

    Dang, I've been looking forward to this for a while but my LCS forgot to order it for me...

  • EleaticVisitor
    EleaticVisitor commented on the comic, Isola #10
    Isola #10

    For me, the amazing art can no longer overcome the now-incoherent story. I feel bad saying it because the series started out so strong...will be removing this from my pull list.

  • EleaticVisitor
    While I won't give up on this book after 1 issue this debut was underwhelming at best and a good example of Scout's unevennes as a publisher. The art is subpar and the characters are so far looking far more like...
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    • VinceG

      Agree to disagree.  It really worked for me.  If you do a google search for reviews there are a lot of  good ones out there.

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