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  • ein
    ein commented on the comic, Folklords #5
    Folklords #5

    This was fine... but not as good as the others (which I absolutely loved). It was more hard-edged and violent and I was disappointed about that. It was also kind of, I don't know, abrupt?

  • ein
    ein commented on the comic, Invisible Kingdom #11
    Invisible Kingdom #11

    So sad that this is the start of the final arc (I guess it was only ever meant to be a 15-issue series, in three 5-issue arcs). This book has consistently been at or near the top of my list at the end of the month. The art and story are both outstanding.

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    • ein

      Ooh, I hope you enjoy them! I liked both arcs a lot, but the second one is where the character depth and meta-story really take off.

  • ein
    ein commented on the comic, Invisible Kingdom #9
    Invisible Kingdom #9

    This might be my favorite Invisible Kingdom issue so far. Grix and Vess in particular had their characters fleshed out in really interesting ways. And this story arc is has allowed the nuance and diversity of the cast (in terms of attitudes and background, etc) to shine way more so than the, still great, first arc. Super excited to see how this arc ends next month.

    (Also, the art was spectacular,...

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    • Easybrand
      Totally true. This is a really good series, but this issue was the best! Great art and an interesting storyline. Worth the read.
  • ein
    ein reviewed Tomorrow #1
    I picked this up on a whim at my LCS and boy am I glad I did. The story has a skeletal similarity to DCeased, but is so much more than that simple comparison. For one thing, the characters are human. As in, you don't...
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    • En1gma

      Oh man, Milligan. This sounds sweet. Might have to see if it's not too late to order this.

  • ein
    ein commented on the comic, Aquaman Giant #2
    Aquaman Giant #2
    "Worth" and the three reprints are actually relevant to the current, and upcoming, Aquaman storylines (dealing with both Aqualad and Orm). As such, this was a pretty good setup book for the future. The first story was kinda meh though; in particular, the art was totally fine but unexciting compared with the rest of the book. 
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