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  • Dustin3539

    Greetings League! I am thrilled to find this resource and community.

    I haven't read many comics over the past couple of years, however after blowing through the first two trades of Paper Girls earlier this week I've decided to take the plunge and only read comics in 2017 (vs. novels, non-fiction, etc). My plan is to track my year long pilgrimage through this site and I'd love some recommendations on must reads I should add to my pile (new or old). 

    My taste usually gravitates to stand alone tales (Y The Last Man, Saga, etc) vs. large superhero events, but I am open to anything. So, I guess what I am asking is if you were to recommend one series for me to check out this year what would it be?

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    • MentallyDelicious

      Paper Girls, Reborn, Kill or be Killed, Descended, Outcast, Birthright, Black Hammer, Curse Words, Black Science, Low, Deadly Class, East of West, Lazarus, Preacher, Watchman, The Sandman, SAGA, Sex Criminals, The Wicked + The Divine, Black Eyed Kids, Harrow County, Lake of Fire, The Hunt, Huck, Fables, Jupiter's Legacy.... Yeah that's all I can think of for now

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