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  • This Elseworld storyline is some of the best I've encountered. The story is imaginative and not the usual boring 'future apocalypse' kind of way. It dives more into the personal aspect of the Nightwing persona...
    • PKcomic411
      Ok. You guys convinced me. Getting the trade paperback.
  • This thing is just amazing. Granted, I haven't really read anything about Swamp Thing before and I thought he was just another mundane vegetable monster, but this really opened up to me. First off, the art by Fabok is...
    • T3D

      You haven't read anything about Swamp Thing?

      go read Moore's run.

  • DuncanTLaw
    I recently saw some review for this book and most people said confusing and hard to keep track, and I wholeheartedly agree. This book was the first graphic novel I read when I first started to dive into the comic world....
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    • Taren

      Have you tried any Geoff Johns books?  He is my favorite DC writer.

  • DuncanTLaw
    As a teen growing up watching the old Teen Titans cartoon, I picked up the book with nostalgia and hoped to bring back the feelings I had when I was younger. No doubt, I like the comic, but I just wished it was a bit more...
    • Steiner

      you could read new teen titans by marv wolfman...