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  • Drumanespic
    Drumanespic commented on the comic, Spy Island #1
    Spy Island #1

    Although Diamond have this listed for release September 2nd, my LCS has already received and passed onto me this first issue. I guess current circumstances will have created a fair few such anomalies. 

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    • EleaticVisitor

      Right on. I came so close to adding this to my pull but I've not read many Dark Horse titles I wasn't disappointed with. Glad to hear this is good. Relics of Youth was the last Bermuda Triangle series I read and I loved that. Hmm, someone should put together a list of series and issues set in that particular polygon.

  • Drumanespic

    Collection Stats - A Question 

    When I first completed confirming my collection here, I found the stats page revealing as well as fun. There is one aspect that I would like to see considered for refinement and it'd be good to hear as many of your opinions as possible; I think 'Interior Artists' is too broad a classification. To delineate letterers and colourists, but not distinguish between pencillers and inkers seems odd. Of course, many individuals do both. So my suggestion would be to have three categories: Pencillers, Inker and Artist. The latter being a clear indication that the individual has drawn the pages unassisted. 

    The floor is open...... 

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    • PKcomic411
      Shall I mention that my 3 sandman omnibuses should count for 100+ issues of Neil? Not 3...
  • Drumanespic
    Drumanespic commented on the comic, Birds of Prey
    Birds of Prey

    I was really looking forward to this series. Now, I'm not so sure:- https://www.bleedingcool.com/?p=1089387&preview=true&preview_id=1089387?utm_medium=ppc&utm_source=onesignal&utm_campaign=general&utm_content=PN

  • Drumanespic
    Drumanespic created a new list, Infinity Countdown

    Every issue in Marvel's 'Infinity Countdown' series.

  • Drumanespic

    It seems The Justice Society of America are finally returning :-


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    • zennlavian
      Just saw this story! Very excited to see the JSA, and with Bendis talking about the LOSH, that’s two very important pieces back in the DCU!
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