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  • Droocifer

    What comic series/graphic novel by Jeff Lemire is you guys’ favorites? My too 2 are Gideon Falls & Black Hammer (spinoffs included) — closely followed by Sweet Tooth. I’m trying to figure out what to read next by him!

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    • emulegs

      Essex County, Animal Man, Royal City, and Black Hammer are all incredible. Far and above my favourite writer. He taps into a unique brand of Canadian melancholy and ennui that is only rivaled by Gord Downie. the GOAT!!!!

  • Droocifer

    These books that are coming out on the 28th — if my local comic shop says they will not be receiving them, should I buy them online from somewhere else? Or do you think they will be available at my LCS once things are back to normal?

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    • ObsessedNerd

      I've been told the 28th by a few people. As soon as I knew the shipments were stopping I ordered everything online because my LCS is a joke nd I wont be surprised if they don't bother to reopen. Hopefully will start to get stuff next week. But i'd say if your LCS is half decent reach out to them and see if they expect to get stock in as they should know by now. If not order online until things get moving again.

  • Droocifer
    Droocifer commented on the comic, Death Or Glory #10
    Death Or Glory #10
    I wish something crazy would happen! Something besides car chases and
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    • VWRatt
      It can't be sexless African gangsters and twin deranged Dutch enforcers ever issue. There may have been nothing CRAZY in this issue, but there was certainly some spectacular crashes. I will miss the frenetic nature of the art in this book. A few good character moments as well.
  • Droocifer
    Droocifer commented on the comic, Dead Dog's Bite #1
    Dead Dog's Bite #1
    I read the ashcan preview for this and thought it was pretty good. I’d say pick it up if you like crime mysteries
  • John Carpenter Presents Storm Kids: A Monica - Bleue Werewolf Story #4
    I think this story is pretty good
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