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  • Dngrmonkey
    Dngrmonkey commented on the comic, John Wick #1
    John Wick #1

    My LCS says this series has been delayed but I thought I saw people grabbing issue 2 already.  Can anyone confirm this?

  • Dngrmonkey
    Dngrmonkey commented on the comic, Supergirl #13
    Supergirl #13
    I stumbled upon Artgerm tonight and man oh man are his covers good. I’m gonna add this to my WPL on that basis alone. I msgd my LCS to see if he can start getting Artgerm variants, since he has a pic with him on his Facebook, I figure he likes his work. Question for you, is the title kid friendly? I ask because y family and I watch the CW show and one of my daughters LOVES supergirl. My wife is...
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    • CaptainNervous

      Yes it's kid friendly. And those artgerm covers are awesome, it's really the reason I'm buying this series.

  • Dngrmonkey
    This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.
  • Dngrmonkey
    Dngrmonkey commented on the comic, Tales of Suspense #1
    Tales of Suspense #1

    Just found this at my local goodwill as part of a grab bag type set.  Got home and began researching and discovered that the signature on the cover is NOT standard and appears to be from the writer James Robinson. Further research is warranted.

  • Dngrmonkey
    Dngrmonkey commented on the comic, Batman: The Drowned #1
    Batman: The Drowned #1
    Not my fav of the one offs but not bad in general. The gender switch had me confused for a bit and I had to go back an reread a few pages. But it was entertaining.
    • Bleack

      The gender switch was because she's from -11 (11 is a universe where the genders are reversed). I personally like that all the dark versions of Batman are from mirrors of various universes 

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