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  • Dioniseus
    This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.
  • Dioniseus
    Dioniseus commented on the comic, Doctor Strange Annual #1
    Doctor Strange Annual #1

    I honestly didn't like this one. I liked the concept in question, but something about the dialogue really rubbed me the wrong way. It felt forced in a lot of places. Gorgeous variant though.

  • Dioniseus
    Dioniseus commented on the comic, The Sandman Universe Presents: Hellblazer #1
    The Sandman Universe Presents: Hellblazer #1

    I basically had zero expectations for this one and they were honestly all blown away. This was FANTASTIC! Gripping story, amazing art, the perfect voice for John, and the one book that decides to acknowledge the existence of DDC. Just added Hellblazer to my pull. Hoping the quality keeps up!

  • Dioniseus
    Dioniseus commented on the comic, Nightwing Annual #2
    Nightwing Annual #2

    4 stars! For a Ric issue!? This is basically what Nightwing #50 should've been instead of all the meandering the last 15 issues decided to do. I actually found this to be pretty interesting. Still miss Dick though. Ugh. 

  • Dioniseus
    Dioniseus commented on the comic, Wonder Woman Annual #3
    Wonder Woman Annual #3

    I'm so tired of the "good person goes bad because they've been lied to by the other good person when it comes to their background" trope & it was unfortunately on full display towards the end. While I do think she'll be a fantastic villain for Orlando's run, I found her turn to be incredibly forced and to not make that much sense at all.

Hey! I've been collecting comics regularly for a few years now. I mainly collect DC & Marvel, but I've been trying to get into some more Indie titles.
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