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  • Digitaldeek
    Digitaldeek commented on the comic, Batman: White Knight #2
    Batman: White Knight #2
    this is honestly one of my fav comic right now, I don’t know what’s up with people’s reaction to the art. The story and art truly compliment each other. The reveal of Harley, the tension of Batman, the teaming of the underworld, it’s all building into something great. I can’t help but feel impatience for the next one!
  • Digitaldeek
    Digitaldeek commented on the comic, Batman #23
    Batman #23
    Just read this the other day! And I totally enjoyed the storyline and the art that complimented it. I need to start collecting those back issues I have not read!
  • Digitaldeek
    Digitaldeek commented on the comic, Sisters Of Sorrow #1
    Sisters Of Sorrow #1
    I thought the story and action was fluid. Arts was awesome. Gonna keep on this series!
    • Maidenfan18
      Picked this up the other day, looking forward to checking it out. Going to be a 6 issue series, I believe?
  • Digitaldeek

    Dude looking forward to wednesday!

    • Bee

      Ya can't wait for new flash

  • Digitaldeek

    Is anyone else trying to get all of the Secret Empire and ALL the tie in? Or are you just getting the series alone and few selected tie ins? 

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    • superunclea

      I'm waiting for trade. I pull both captain america's but I am done with huge events that turn out to fizzle in months. Plus what is Legacy and will that just change what just happened? Kinda voting with my dollars. Captain America has and always will be my favorite character, but the way Marvel does business has soured me to any events. 

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