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  • JUL160275  ·  CONSENSUS: 91%
    Cyborg #1
    DC Comics  ·  Sep 21st, 2016  ·  $2.99

    THE IMITATION OF LIFE, PART ONE: AWAKENING Cyborg is thrown into conflict with every robotic threat to the DC Universe as a brand new era begins for Victor Stone. View »

  • AUG160211  ·  CONSENSUS: 79%
    Cyborg #2
    DC Comics  ·  Oct 5th, 2016  ·  $2.99

    THE IMITATION OF LIFE, PART TWO: TRIAL AND TERROR Vic Stone’s quest to save his soul is threatened by an attack from Kilg%re, an artificial alien life form that wishes to purge Cyborg of any remnants of his humanity.... View »

  • AUG160213  ·  CONSENSUS: 92%
    Cyborg #3
    DC Comics  ·  Oct 19th, 2016  ·  $2.99

    THE IMITATION OF LIFE, PART THREE: NIGHTMARE The lives of Vic Stone and the S.T.A.R. Labs crew are thrown into chaos following an assault by a twisted mechanical menace that believes it’s Cyborg’s true father!... View »

  • SEP160234  ·  CONSENSUS: 84%
    Cyborg #4
    DC Comics  ·  Nov 2nd, 2016  ·  $2.99

    “THE IMITATION OF LIFE” part four! Cyborg loses control of his robotic form when it begins attacking his friends and family at S.T.A.R. Labs. Trapped in a virtual maze of ominous visions and forgotten memories,... View »

  • SEP160236  ·  CONSENSUS: 84%
    Cyborg #5
    DC Comics  ·  Nov 16th, 2016  ·  $2.99

    “THE IMITATION OF LIFE” part five! Led by Silas Stone, S.T.A.R. Labs takes drastic measures to decommission Cyborg! Confound inside his immobile body, Cyborg seeks help from an unlikely ally who, with help of... View »

  • OCT160179  ·  CONSENSUS: 78%
    Cyborg #6
    DC Comics  ·  Dec 7th, 2016  ·  $2.99

    SHE-BORG! With a fearsome high-tech terror cell threatening to invade the country, Cyborg participates in the creation of an experimental cybernetic female counterpart—code name She-Borg—whose abilities might... View »

  • OCT160181  ·  CONSENSUS: 79%
    Cyborg #7
    DC Comics  ·  Dec 21st, 2016  ·  $2.99

    “BIONIC BETRAYAL!” Captured and at the mercy of a terrorist cell, Cyborg must escape to prevent a powerful traitor from within S.T.A.R. Labs from using top secret alien technology to invade the Pentagon and unleash... View »

  • CONSENSUS: 84%
    Cyborg #8
    DC Comics  ·  Jan 4th, 2017  ·  $2.99

    “Kill Switch”! Cyborg has been deactivated! Now, Vic Stone must rely on help from the outside to break into S.T.A.R. Labs and switch the Justice Leaguer back on. But can Cyborg rely on a clever but luckless streetwise... View »

  • DEC160265  ·  CONSENSUS: 73%
    Cyborg #9
    DC Comics  ·  Feb 1st, 2017  ·  $2.99

    “ESCAPE FROM S.T.A.R. LABS”! Vic discovers the origin of the cybernetic foe impersonating his father, but he might not live long enough do anything about it if S.T.A.R. Labs’ deadly security forces get... View »

  • JAN170251  ·  CONSENSUS: 70%
    Cyborg #10
    DC Comics  ·  Mar 1st, 2017  ·  $2.99

    “LORD OF THE RATS” part one! Cyborg’s gone to ground following the crippling malfunction of his tech at the hands of the corrupted S.T.A.R. Labs. Desperate to find his prey, the techno-villain posing as... View »

  • FEB170197  ·  CONSENSUS: 67%
    Cyborg #11
    DC Comics  ·  Apr 5th, 2017  ·  $3.99

    Severely damaged and on the run, Cyborg struggles to find his father as the Rat Lord engulfs Detroit with his army of rodents! But when the Rat Lord oversteps his boundaries, it causes a turf war within the criminal underworld.... View »

  • MAR170280  ·  CONSENSUS: 63%
    Cyborg #12
    DC Comics  ·  May 3rd, 2017  ·  $3.99

    “DANGER IN DETROIT” part three! After going missing for a month Cyborg finds Detroit in a state of chaos. Anomaly’s hold on S.T.A.R. Labs has only gotten stronger. Ratattack and Haxaan have to bring in... View »

  • APR170287  ·  CONSENSUS: 57%
    Cyborg #13
    DC Comics  ·  Jun 7th, 2017  ·  $3.99

    'DANGER IN DETROIT' part four! Still recovering from his Boom Tube time loss, Cyborg continues to discover the changes with his friends, S.T.A.R. Labs, and the city. A new player known only as FyreWyre emerges from... View »

  • MAY170219  ·  CONSENSUS: 92%
    Cyborg #14
    DC Comics  ·  Jul 5th, 2017  ·  $3.99

    “SINGULARITY AFTERMATH” part one! Mankind is dead! The world as we know it is gone! Welcome to Planet Anomaly, where all life takes the form of soulless cybernetic hybrids. But one spark of humanity remains deep... View »

  • JUN170260  ·  CONSENSUS: 67%
    Cyborg #15
    DC Comics  ·  Aug 2nd, 2017  ·  $3.99

    “AFTERMATH” part two! Anomaly’s horrific dream is realized when the O.T.A.C. virus changes nearly all flesh and blood on Earth into cold hard steel. Now humanity’s last hope, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and... View »

  • JUL170348  ·  CONSENSUS: 67%
    Cyborg #16
    DC Comics  ·  Sep 6th, 2017  ·  $3.99

    "METAL VS. METTLE"! With the cure for the O.T.A.C. virus within reach, Cyborg must join forces with his corrupted doppelgänger or dismantle him and end this war once and for all. Meanwhile, Anomaly escapes... View »

  • AUG170207  ·  CONSENSUS: 67%
    Cyborg #17
    DC Comics  ·  Oct 4th, 2017  ·  $3.99

    SINGULARITY AFTERMATH: CYBERGEDDON Cyborg, Beast Boy and Variant battle an army of deadly mecha-humans in their epic and final cybernetic showdown with Anomaly that will seal the fate of mankind!  Can Vic and his team... View »

  • SEP170287  ·  CONSENSUS: 56%
    Cyborg #18
    DC Comics  ·  Nov 1st, 2017  ·  $3.99

    "SINGULARITY AFTERMATH" finale! Detroit is under attack by Anomaly and his deadly collection of cybernetic monsters! Together with Black Narcissus, Cyborg faces off against Anomaly's army - including Vic Stone's... View »

  • OCT170243  ·  CONSENSUS: 64%
    Cyborg #19
    DC Comics  ·  Dec 6th, 2017  ·  $3.99

    WRETCHED OF THE EARTH! While on an exploratory scientific mission in Africa, Cyborg encounters an ancient African Jinn who grants him his heart's desire. But when the local warlord lays claim to this ancient and terrible... View »

  • NOV170246  ·  CONSENSUS: 56%
    Cyborg #20
    DC Comics  ·  Jan 3rd, 2018  ·  $3.99

    WRETCHED OF THE EARTH!, PART 2 In trying to save the children from the vile clutches of the warlord Uma, Victor feels the pangs of being human again as he contracts a deadly virus. But in protecting them, will he sacrifice... View »

  • FEB180181  ·  CONSENSUS: 70%
    Cyborg #21
    DC Comics  ·  Apr 4th, 2018  ·  $3.99

    In the DC Universe, Cyborg is the most technical advanced being on the planet — or so we thought. Introducing Mother Box 2.0: Robo-Dojo! Unlike Cyborg, these robots are piloted by the government’s best, brightest,... View »

  • MAR180264  ·  CONSENSUS: 54%
    Cyborg #22
    DC Comics  ·  May 2nd, 2018  ·  $3.99

    “My name is Nijiro Jin, born of flesh and blood, but now encased in steel. I have become N-Jin, who seeks to discard the final traces of frail humanity to become Mekkan-X, the Man-God who will soon wield the power... View »

  • APR180187  ·  CONSENSUS: 54%
    Cyborg #23
    DC Comics  ·  Jun 6th, 2018  ·  $3.99

    With a covert spy leading Cyborg and his Giant Robots away from their secure base, the formerly secret location of Chikushu Island is revealed and the Dojo is attacked and destroyed. The only hope Cyborg has to regenerate... View »

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