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  • davidswright
    davidswright commented on the comic, Doomsday Clock #8
    Doomsday Clock #8
    Was very underwhelmed with this. Only progress in the story is because Superman is stupid. Tries to talk instead of do. Firestorm has magical powers now. Superman could have used super speed to get glass people to Firestorm to cure, instead they try to reason with unreasonable people. Not impressed with Johns.
    • gferg1991

      Clearly you don't understand anything about the character of Superman. This issue is quintessential Superman and how he should always act and respond. It was a brilliant issue still just a part of a larger story. Firestorm has ALWAYS had the power to transmute matter but only now has it evolved beyond that. Powers evolve. Look at the X-Men and their random second mutations. But still this issue is the PERFECT example of Superman and Johns should be commended for his understanding and handling of the character.  

  • davidswright
    davidswright commented on the comic, Wildstorm: Michael Cray #8
    Wildstorm: Michael Cray #8
    I think the art picked up this issue. Do like the story
  • davidswright
    davidswright commented on the comic, Barrier #3
    Barrier #3
    Really good issue, and really good series
  • davidswright
    davidswright commented on the comic, The Terrifics #3
    The Terrifics #3
    The only reason I got this was the teasing of Tom Strong, and maybe a Fantastic Four type of team. This issue was just stupid, Stagg is a dumb villain and I really didn't care about any of the characters. Metamorpho hasn't changed since the 70's, same girlfriend, same problems. DC is not "the house of ideas". Or maybe just "the house of one idea, over and over ".
    • Taren

      I have yet to read any of the issues yet. I am looking forward to this. 

  • davidswright
    davidswright commented on the comic, The Silencer #4
    The Silencer #4
    The only reason to get this, really, is because of JR Jr's art. It made it fun. This issue was not as fun. While a few of the fight scenes were good, I just skipped over the domestic scenes which had nothing interesting happening, visually or otherwise. Probably will drop this soon.
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