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  • davidechastain
    davidechastain commented on the comic, The Compleat Terminal City TP
    The Compleat Terminal City TP

    Am i crazy or are the two original series that vertigo put out nowhere on this site?

  • davidechastain

    LOCG has been one of my favorite sites for a few years now and my favorite way to keep track of my collection and pull list, but does anyone else wish there was a way to customize the way you organize your collection on here?

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    • swh_comicguy

      I use Tags to "customize" and track everything from # of books I purchase in a year, the store where the book was purchase and box the book is in (stored by month, not series title), collections status (ie. For Sale, # of Copies, etc.)
      ie. Box 2019-11, Store: Lookin' for Heroes, Year: 2019, Status: 2 copies
      I use the Notes section to track the exchange rate on date of purchase, purchase discount and Canadian purchase price.

      I have CLZ desktop and app, but a couple of years ago when they were looking to add the much requested Pull List functionality to their product, they balked at using the Diamond Code, which seems like a basic and fundamental piece of information when developing a Pull List.   The handling and implementation of that kind of turned me off.  Simple requests to split the editor function out to include Assistant, Associate, Group and Executive went unanswered.  I took advantage of a year end sale a number of years ago that pushed out my renewal to this coming spring.  I'm on the fence about renewing.  Not really into the new slabbed pricing update that just recently got implemented.  We'll see, as the desktop version does have the advantage of being stored locally on my computer.  I also like their CLZ Movies desktop and app.

      It's been almost two years now, since I came across LOCG.  Jordan's done a great job with this database.  There are definitely some areas that could use some improvement and I know he'd promised some changes at the beginning of 2019, hopefully those will come to fruition someday.  For now, I'm slowly transitioning my collection over to LOCG, while keeping Comic Book Database as my barebones backup.  My grip with CBD is that they won't allow for the addition of books until they come out, which seems really inefficient when the majority of the information needed to add an entry is provided two months in advance.

      Current Databases I Use: League of Comic Geeks, Comic Book Database, Collectorz Comic Collector

      Other Databases I've Tried and Used: StashMyComics, Comics Price Guide, Realms of Wonder, Comic Collector Live, Comic Base, Wizard's Comics database.

      Just noticed Comic Base finally has mobile apps.  Hmmm.... :P

  • davidechastain

    B.P.R.D. Plague of Frogs omnibus 3 & 4. Specifically the hard covers. These books have become outrageously expensive the last couple of years. I really want to get my hands on them but I don't want to pay 150 - 300 a piece for them. Anyone have them and want to get rid of them for a reasonable price?

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    • Kroenen23034
      I'm in the same boat my friend. I have hardcovers to 1 and 2. My shelf looks so weird having paperbacks for volume 3 and 4. Even 1 and 2 are impossible to find for a good price now.
  • davidechastain

    Anyone know anything about the hold up on the last issue of Nowhere Men? I've been waiting almost 2 years, and I can't find anything that says why it's been so long.

  • davidechastain

    I'm I the only one that has a really hard time keeping up with reading. I buy so much every week and then it is months and months.....sometimes longer before I actually get to read it.

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    • timw
      I had a hard time until I decided buy single issue but not read until the arc was released. Tough to wait sometimes, but I like so far. The only time I read Robert right way now is if it’s a one off book or I’m trying a new series
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