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  • The story telling from page one is a hook, enticing me to turn each page faster to find what happens next. The writers do a very clever job of taking a well travelled principle and somehow still making it original. This...
  • darpy
    darpy reviewed The Argus #1
    The story arc has a lot of promise in theory, but in practice it is let down badly by really atrocious writing. Its one part in, so I am giving them the benefit of the doubt that they can turn this around, but the first...
    • Ferraz

      Why is one guy bald but an older version has full head of hair?  Idk im iffy bout keeping up with this one

  • darpy
    I have been enjoying this series from the beginning, but it has been just good enough to keep me reading. This issue took it to another level, introducing a story arc that I thought brings the build up together nicely. The...
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    • alienz

      That was me.  If you haven't read any of the issues, my review definitely contains spoilers.  To me, this issue was very predictable as we had very direct hints of the 'twist' from the very beginning.  They meant for it to be a big twist or shocker, but it's as plain as daylight from the first few pages.

      Not only that but they've built out this entire interesting universe in this small town with a ton of interesting things and have us wondering about a million different things, and none of that is answered.  Instead an entire issue is dedicated to the thing that we already knew from the beginning.

      Obviously everyone has different opinions though as darpy thought that this issue had a lot of story involved when in my eyes it had the least amount of story of any of the issues.

      Overall it's still an interesting series and I'm in it for the final #6 but personally I'm disappointed because it could have been a lot better.

  • darpy
    darpy reviewed Dead Day #1
    Firstly, is this a mash up of every other zombie story and The Purge? Its like they found a small niche that exists between stories in a saturated market. The mothers reason for heading out on the family is certainly an...
  • darpy
    darpy commented on the comic, Fire Power #1
    Fire Power #1

    From what I understand, the first issue was going to come out with Free Comic day. Has anything been said about what they will do with it now?

    • Rjepic1
      There was going to be a Free Comic Book Day version and then a regular #1 (and #2) to come out in June.
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