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  • darpy
    darpy commented on the comic, Fire Power #1
    Fire Power #1

    From what I understand, the first issue was going to come out with Free Comic day. Has anything been said about what they will do with it now?

    • Rjepic1
      There was going to be a Free Comic Book Day version and then a regular #1 (and #2) to come out in June.
  • darpy
    darpy commented on the comic, North Bend #1
    North Bend #1

    Fantastic first issue. Loved the art and the writing/story was presented with just the right amount of depth to be immersive. Looking forward to where this one goes.

  • darpy
    darpy commented on the comic, Join The Future #1
    Join The Future #1

    Excellent first issue, and talk about a walking deadesque finale to cap the first issue !!! I really like the art, this series has a lot of potential.

  • darpy
    darpy commented on the comic, Daphne Byrne #3
    Daphne Byrne #3

    I thought this series was good, this issue took it up a notch. The story is excellent and really has me hooked now. 

  • darpy
    darpy reviewed The Argus #1
    The story arc has a lot of promise in theory, but in practice it is let down badly by really atrocious writing. Its one part in, so I am giving them the benefit of the doubt that they can turn this around, but the first...
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