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  • Danthehat69
    Danthehat69 commented on the comic, Star Wars #46
    Star Wars #46

    Does anyone know how long Marvel plan on running this title?

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    • CaptainNervous

      Issue 1000? : D

  • Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 5: A Lonely Place of Living TP

    so confusing. I am about to swap to collecting tpb of this title and on amazon it says vol 6 will collect #969-#977 but on this site it says that issue #977 is in the middle of a story arc. Surely they wouldn't only have half the story in a tpb? not when it's a fairly short arc? Anyone know the correct issues that vol 6 and 7 will collect?

  • Danthehat69
    Danthehat69 commented on the comic, Black Eyed Kids #14
    Black Eyed Kids #14

    This the final issue?

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    • Danthehat69

      I have every issue but haven't gotten round to reading them yet. I have done the same with many titles. In fact i've just begun to cancel most of my single issues in order to just collect the stories in trades. Will work out a fair bit cheaper, especially if I wait until the trades go down in price after the initial full price. 

       I know comic collectors aren't only about the stories and and it's also about the actual comics (especially rare variants, CGC, etc) but when you love the stories and are on a limited budget and you have a few thousand unread comics to catch up on, trade paperbacks have gotta be the ONLY way. Well, apart from the odd instant classic like Doomsday Clock and, hopefully, Xerxes The rise and fall, the Frank Miller follow up to 300. SEE, I JUST CANT HELP MYSELF!!! LOL

  • Danthehat69
    Danthehat69 commented on the comic, Americatown #5
    Americatown #5

    Anyone know if this series is ever gonna be finished?

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    • Danthehat69

      Yes it collects the whole 9 issues. I think its terrible they didn't finish releasing the single issues. Absolute disregard for the fan base.

  • Danthehat69
    Danthehat69 commented on the comic, Star Wars: Poe Dameron #25
    Star Wars: Poe Dameron #25

    is this the final issue?

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