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  • A fantastic prelude to the Infinity Gauntlet. The issues of Thanos Quest were my favorite part. We get the opportunity to see what is going in Thanos's head as he tracks down the infinity gems on his quest for infinite power.
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    • Hermatt

      I love Thanos Quest. Starlin was just awesome this whole time

  • Daniel
    Daniel created a new list, Hunt for Wolverine

    Every issue in Marvel's 'Hunt for Wolverine' series.

  • Daniel

    Can't recommend these comics highly enough.

    Highlight: kuš! komikss – the best small press comics publisher you don’t know about
    kuš! (said "koosh!") is an international comics art publisher based in Riga, Latvia founded with books from an international lineup cartoonists including Noah Van Sciver, Jesse Jacobs, Samplerman, and more.
  • Daniel
    Daniel commented on the comic, Now Vol. 1: The New Comics Anthology
    Now Vol. 1: The New Comics Anthology

    Check this one out if you have any interest in anthologies!

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    • MannequinRaces

      Sounds like a nice mix. Thanks!

I think comics are really neat.
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