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  • DaeGate
    DaeGate created a new list, Test

  • DaeGate
    DaeGate commented on the comic, Nova #1
    Nova #1
    So what are you guy's thoughts on this ? 
  • Visconti
    Visconti » DaeGate

    I like this site.

  • fcarreras
    fcarreras » DaeGate

    Question people... ive just finish superior spiderman and asm vol. 3 and spider-verse and i dont get something, why scarlet spider and Ben Reilly are from other earth instead from 616. were they not in the clone saga and didnt the clone saga happend on earth 616?

  • MovieBuff88
    MovieBuff88 » DaeGate

    So, if you're seeking something to read outside of the superhero genre... Check out 'Glitterbomb' #1 written by Jim Zub with art by K. Michael Russell and Djibril Morissette-Phan from Image Comics... Wonderful first issue. Sold out in it's first printing! Its a terrific comic so far...

    Also, give Britannia #1 a read. Gorgeous art, epic historical setting... Amazing read. This is by writer Peter Miligan with art by Juan Jose Ryp, Jordie Bellaire, Raul Allen, and Patricia Martin from Valiant! Very good first issue. 

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