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  • Daddio82
    Daddio82 commented on the comic, March: Book One
    March: Book One
    Just had to share this. My LCS is just amazing. After John Lewis passed, the owner ordered 40 copies to be given during Free Comic Book days to kids 8 -12 to help honor John Lewis' legacy and to bring these trueife stories to a generation of kids. Initially, he was going to just order 12, but a lot of teachers in the area contributed as well. We were able to get a copy today and I look forward to...
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    • MannequinRaces

      Wow, that’s awesome. You do have an amazing LCS.

  • Daddio82
    Daddio82 commented on the comic, Metal Men #7
    Metal Men #7
    If anyone out there read this issue, does anyone think the bartender at the bar the metal men are hanging out at is Dan Diddio? If so, well played Dan...
  • Daddio82
    Daddio82 commented on the comic, The Batman's Grave #7
    The Batman's Grave #7
    Badass single issue! "Batman is woke"
  • Daddio82

    Alright, I have another pairing of music to comics. I am a huge fan of the Sandman universe. I've been catching up on older volumes while reading the ongoing series, amazing stuff. Recently I've discovered Queensryche's "Silent Lucidity". Every time I hear it, it just seems to fit this world. For those that have not heard it before check it out especially if a fan of The Sandman. Do you have any songs popular or not that you think go with a series?

  • Daddio82
    Daddio82 commented on the comic, Billionaire Island #1
    Billionaire Island #1
    Man, I gotta wait a little longer. LCS had to do a re-order. So, instead I picked up trades of Flinestones vol 1 & 2 and Sanglepuss to get my Russell fix.
    • Taren

      Good choices. 

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