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  • DaBrixster
    DaBrixster commented on the comic, Martian Manhunter #1
    Martian Manhunter #1

    So...the art.  Rossmo's art is like really good with the Martians.  I think it fits their personality, and I love all the art for Mars and the culture, and the whole Martian sex scene.  But his art is just terrible with the main humans.  The designs are awful and the caricature style doesn't fit at all.

  • DaBrixster
    DaBrixster commented on the comic, Wonder Woman #59
    Wonder Woman #59

    Wow, Nord's art is...really...bad.  Like just flat out bad, there's no emotion, it's just bad.

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    • Wheezy1892
      It was for @taren, you made it sound you were quite principaled in your position in stamping out this 'behavior' of talking in fact, I have pointed out a thread which sounds like it needs attention and you have not done anything. So I will assume you save this for select group that disagrees with you. No problem, but don't whine about people's opinion when they say it with conviction or more notably about something you like, or better yet, accept that the site is all opinion, which it is regardless of how its presented
  • DaBrixster

    Getting The Green Lantern #1, Border Town #1-#3, and maybe Marvel Zombie on Wednesday.  TGL looks really good and I've heard amazing things about it from early impressions/reviews.

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