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  • cubbienathan
    cubbienathan commented on the comic, House of X #2
    House of X #2


    I don't understand one thing about the timeline. According to the timeline in the back of the issue, Charles and Moira meet for the fist time in timeline X when she is 17, this has to be where they meet at the fair. This event is denoted as, "The Dream," X to the 0 power in Powers of X #1. Then in that same issue, it shows Charles with the Cerebro helmet as...

    • emiranda06

      I think the point of this issue is to show her latest effort, we don't know what is the complete timeline yet at this point because we are living it from her point of view. The past issue of Powers of X might be past failed futures shown in the timeline you reference.

  • cubbienathan
    cubbienathan commented on the comic, Fantastic Four #1
    Fantastic Four #1
    This was decent, but I definitely feel like this undercut Marvel Two-in-One pretty hard. They already [potential spoiler warning] burned Dooms face off in Iron Man before his arc in as a good guy i Two-in-One was over. Now they're saying in this that [spoiler warning] Johnny and Ben went all over the universe looking for them and found nothing. So that sucks. Anyone else feel that way?
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    • Easybrand
      Yeah, I’m not sure why they did that. It has been one of my biggest complaints about Marvel comics, they can’t seem to keep the continuity in all there series. Doom was with both Iron Man and in another universe in 2 in 1 at the same time.
  • cubbienathan
    cubbienathan commented on the comic, Mister Miracle #8
    Mister Miracle #8

    Ok, that's an ugly baby.  There, I said it.

  • cubbienathan
    cubbienathan commented on the comic, Thanos Annual #1
    Thanos Annual #1
    Oh man, I was looking forward to Cosmic Ghost Rider but now I am freaking pumped
  • cubbienathan
    cubbienathan commented on the comic, Captain America #700
    Captain America #700

    I figured that this arc would end pretty much like this (with most of the events being erased), but this was actually a pretty satisfying issue.  Cap's look of defeat when the bomb dropped was heartbreaking.

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