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  • cuban4life77
    cuban4life77 commented on the comic, The Incredible Hulk #211
    The Incredible Hulk #211
    Dr.Druid continues his tradition of sucking. Like really...he is the shits.
  • cuban4life77
    cuban4life77 commented on the comic, The Amazing Spider-Man #800
    The Amazing Spider-Man #800
    I love Slott's run, but yeah, he was running out of steam. This issue was just Ok, with a terrible character. Red Goblin or whatever? F that. At the end it was just another Goblin/Spidey standoff and man oh man, haven't we had enough ofcthose already. Time to put Norman Osbourne to bed for awhile. A long while.
    • Soulassassinner

      And for 9.99 American. (13.25 up in Canada)........ Meh

46 year old nerd , who has been reading comics since I was three (well "read" is subjective when you're three). Spidey is my guy and always will be.
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