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  • Ok well another year over. This is so goood. 8.5/10.
    • PKcomic411

      How about Dr Fate? So cool. Amazing writing. All the artists deliver too. 

  • This is one of the best Batman stories I have read in a long time. Everything about DKIII is awesome. I wanna read more of this story. And now that Bruce is young again there is potentional for a part 4. 10/10
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    • PKcomic411
      I waited. Whoa did I wait to get to this. The delays mentioned here years ago, I just put it deep deep in the to-read box. So 1 thru 9 consecutively? I honestly can't say how I feel about it. It's not bad. Has all the cool players. Nothing complex really. Some "stuff" happened. Sure. Kinda face value. Gritty and art you needed to simply accept. One thing for certain? 6 bucks a pop... Yyyyyeah, no. That's purely namesake. But it would seem we lost 2 in the sun, right? Atom's pop pop pop was a laugh out loud save! The mini in this one does match the finale, but was a fitting denouement that never happened. GL's hand? And upside-down flash? Ok sure! you know what? I think I liked it!
  • A lot of crazy stuff here. I still dont know the Mutanimals and TMNT all buddy-buddy. I mean some of them are but the others seem to have a love-hate relationship with the TMNT brothers. 8/10
    • jayfrosty

      The other series expand on their relationship. The Mutanimals mini and TMNT Universe will let you understand where they are at.

  • CrotakuShinobi
    I liked this. I never really knew much details about Hawkman and Adam so this was something new and freah. 8/10
    • PKcomic411
      Read Timothy Truman's Hawkworld. Now there's a story worthy of our time... This was garbage imo.
  • This was one of the best else worlds comics ever. I loved this new world that was intruduced for this comic. Dick is also very interesting and the fact that he is willing to give up on the system that he himself made, all...
    • PKcomic411
      Ok. You guys convinced me. Getting the trade paperback.
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